Having a MATRIX in your vehicle is about so much more than just vehicle tracking. It is about having total on-the-road peace-of-mind with the assurance that MATRIX is “right by your side”. MATRIX has three tailored service offerings, MX1, MX2 and MX3, which allow you to choose the safety service that best suits your need and pocket (Click on MX1, MX2 or MX3 for more information).




Beame is a wireless recovery device which is smaller, simpler than your conventional tracking unit and offers a whole new way to keep your vehicles safe. Beame can be installed in cars, caravans, motorbikes, trailers and even quad bikes.


  1. Wireless - which makes it easy to hide, without affecting your vehicle’s electronic warranty
  2. Free and dedicated recovery teams
  3. Quick installation
  4. Lifetime warranty


Email: Physical Address: Weir Building, Weir Street, Riverside Industrial Park, Nelspruit